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[EN] Forum rules

Attention! Our rules are addressed to all users regardless of the degree held, repeated violation of our community rules will entail various sanctions! Persons holding one of the following grades “Moderator” / “Global Moderator” ” are considered to be part of the staff, persons holding the grade of “Administrator” are part of the community administration.

Profile rules

Your name should not be offensive or racist.
The avatar or signature picture must not be pornographic / racist in nature, nor must it contain vulgar words.
The information provided by you in your profile must not advertise to other competing communities!
You are not allowed to create multiple accounts on the forum, this will immediately lead to the suspension of all accounts!
It is forbidden to attach videos to your signature!

Post / topic posting rules

When creating a topic, the title should be suggestive and not contain excess print!
Your language must be decent, you must not offend or use racist words against another user!
Posts like "Ms" / "Bv" / "Gg" are strictly forbidden and will entail sanctions!
NEW: Do not ask to add the topic as important, only the rules benefit from this function and the very important announcements!
Links to other competing sites or communities are strictly prohibited, such messages / topics will lead to the permanent suspension of the account!
Do not make two posts, consecutive topics, they will be considered as SPAM messages and moved to the archive, the repeated violation will entail sanctions!

Piracy rules

Piracy is strictly forbidden and its encouragement will lead to very serious sanctions!
Links to cracked products are forbidden, we do not encourage such things!
Links leading to hacks, keys are forbidden.
NEW: If you receive such a link in private and access it, we are not responsible for any damage done to your computer!
Attention! We reserve the right to make changes to our rules whenever we deem it necessary!

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